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Cumberland County
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Community Projects

The association and its members create and conduct several
Community Service Projects each year

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Current 2014 Projects

 Some of the Completed Projects

Habitat for Humanity

Lynn Baker started this effort in 2003 with one home as her independent project.  Based on her recommendations, the Association made a proposal in the Fall of 2004 to Habitat for Humanity to do a landscape plan, donate $300 in materials, supervise the implementation of the first phase of the landscape plan for each new house and provide training for the new home owner in maintenance of the landscape.  Alan Baker was the project leader in 2004-2005 and completed only one home -- 79 Ponderosa Drive in Crossville.  Gary Laura  , Mike Eppolito and Dorothy Eppolito completed a home in late 2005.  Gary Laura is the leader for  2006-2007 and is waiting for another home be ready.  Homes have recently been completed, but Habitat management has not asked for our landscaping help on these units.

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Crossville Welcome Signs

The Master Gardeners, in conjunction with  Downtown  Crossville, Inc. have completed the landscaping projects that surround our  WELCOME TO CROSSVILLE signs, in two locations. One is from the west approach to the city. It's located on west 70 at the airport and our group has improved the soil, planted, mulched and bordered this bed in  attractive stone. Click here for a picture of the work in progress.

The other approach to the city that is now finished, is on hwy 127,  traveling north in to town. For many generations this area was called Watertank Hill as the city water tower was located there. When that  landmark was removed in the fall of 2007, plans immediately began to bring water back to the location in the form of a waterfall, welcome sign and  garden. Click here for a picture.  Woody Gregory from Gardens-to-Go was the designer for the project with a dedicated group of Master Gardeners on hand to do the planting and mulching. Carol Burdett was leader on both gardens. Click here for a picture.  

Two more Welcome gardens are on the drawing board for the other two main approaches to our city. President Carolyn Jozwick is very involved in this DCI project.

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Crossville Corps of Flags

The Corps of Flags landscape plan was designed by the Master Gardeners of Cumberland County with Carolyn Jozwiak and Linda Baker as leaders on this project.  During a dedication ceremony on Veterans Day, 2004 the Corps of Flags was dedicated to the Veterans of Cumberland County.  The Corps of Flags hosts flags of the armed forces placed in order of their creation -  Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard. The flag of the United States is at the center and at the highest point.

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Cumberland County Fair

The Fair offers the opportunity for organizations to enter an educational booth.  We have entered four times and won an award each time.  In 2004, our entry won first place.  Several Master Gardeners worked on this Western-themed exhibit.  The backdrop was created by 2004 MG, Carol Brady.  Here is a picture of the 2004 exhibit. We did not participate in 2005 or 2006, due to lack of interest amongst the members.  

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Spring Flower and Garden Show

Master Gardeners of Cumberland County hosted the first Garden Show in 2003.  Over the past 3 years the event has been a great success hosting over 50 exhibitors and attracted over 3500 attendees.  The success of this show is attributed to the commitment of the Master Gardeners of Cumberland County because of the hundreds of hours  that are required to make the show the success that it has become.  The 2008 show is lead by Anita Duffey and Barbara Rogers. .Go here for more information.  Go here to see pictures of these shows.  

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Cumberland County Play House

This was a cooperative 2004 project with the volunteers at the Playhouse to renovate their main pedestrian entrance which had become very overgrown.  The CCMGA effort was lead by Lynne Baker and she did the landscape design.  Linda Baker helped with a landscape plot plan and perspective drawing.  The CCMGA contributed $800 toward the materials.  Stone was donated by Silvaro Stone and mulch was provided by Rose Sawmill.  This is a multi-phase plan to include other areas and to develop a landscape maintenance handbook for the Playhouse volunteers to use in the future.  We received a very nice thank you letter from the Playhouse director and complimentary tickets which were used as door prizes for members.  More work was done in 2006, with the landscape committee of the playhouse doing the work -- a whole new, fully-landscaped entrance to the playhouse is now in place.  We donated $700 in 2006.

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Horticultural Library

We have built a substantial reference library for horticulture and landscaping, with over 90 books and CD's currently available to the public for review at the Cumberland County UTAES office, or for check-out by CCMGA members.  Julaine McFate chairs this project and welcomes ideas for improvement.

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Gardening Almanac

The "Gardening Almanac for the Plateau" was created by member, Betty Bush, and finally published in 2005.  It covers activities for each month of the year, appropriate for our area.  It also lists those plants that should be in bloom each month, and the wildlife to be expected. It is available online, here.

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Mayland Park

This effort was proposed and then lead by Frank Pittman.  The city of Mayland has a new raw area of land that they want to make in to a park.  We have volunteered to help them with the design and implementation of landscape for the park.  As of the Fall of 2006, no further action has been requested. 

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Obed River Park Arboretum

Herb White proposed and then headed up this ongoing project which also involves the Crossville Tree Board and the County Commission.  This site has had brush clearing along the river trail and trees have been identified and marked.  It has received an official designation as an Arboretum.   There are areas in the park that will be landscaped, one to be a prairie area supported by Tennessee Department of Wildlife Resources.  Herb White was the project leader in 2005 and managed several work parties which planted trees, mulched and weeded.  Carol Burdett is the current CCMGA project leader.

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Chamber of Commerce

During the Summer of 2004 the Master Gardeners of Cumberland County added plants to the landscape of the Chamber of Commerce.  The first phase of the project was a major cleanup of the area with plans to redesign the area around the Chamber of Commerce.  Linda Baker has been contacted by Beth Alexander of the Chamber of Commerce to discuss the continuance of the landscape design of the area.  Linda and Carolyn Jozwiak will also be providing a community service to the Chamber of Commerce by designing a fall display of flowers, pumpkins and other festive items at the entrance.
Click here for pictures.

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"Kids on the Rise" child center's garden 

This was a new organization in early 2004 that inherited a loaned residence in downtown Crossville for a new center of operations.  The existing garden was very overgrown (including poison ivy) and a sidewalk was badly deteriorated.  Led by Becky and Frank Pittman, the good sized team spent several days in the cleanup phase in the Spring.  Later in the Spring, they removed the concrete sidewalk and added new plants.  The funding for the materials (about $350) came from the CCMGA.  In early 2006, this organization lost their building, so a group of volunteers removed most of the plants that we provided and gave them to the Habitat for Humanity project.  This project is complete.

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Arbor Day Tree delivery

Spring of 2003 and 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 in cooperation with the Crossville Tree Board, packaged and delivered tree seedlings to the community at a central pick-up location (City Hall) to celebrate Arbor Day.   Also, provided planting advice and general landscape advice, as requested.  The project leader for 2010 is Bill Haynes.  

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UT Agriculture Extension Office Work

As part of the community education effort of the CCMGA, members staff the Master Gardener desk at the UT Agricultural Service Extension Office in Crossville, each morning in season.  Jim Podsiadlo, Jim Mason, Roger Totten, Sue Neff, Alan Baker and Carol Burdett are the current volunteers for this key project.   Kent McCoy is a substitute, volunteering as needed.  Carol is the coordinator and welcomes new volunteers for this interesting community service.

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Veteran's Memorial Garden Renovation

A major renovation of the Veterans Memorial Garden was performed during 2005.  The renovation required the removal of numerous perennials by the Master Gardeners.  The new landscape design features a more formal display of shrubs.  The tree in the center of the garden is decorated with lights during the Holiday Season and is a beautiful display which is located in the center of the City of Crossville.  A community service marker was placed in November 2004 to recognize their efforts. This will be a continuing maintenance project for the Master Gardeners of Cumberland County with Carolyn Jozwiak and Linda Baker as leaders on this project.

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Neighbors Together Green House 

Lead by Rog Robenoldt in 2003, we helped the Pleasant Hill Community fund a greenhouse project for the Elementary School. The CCMGA contributed money, contingent on their organization obtaining other funding.  Funds and plans are in place, but the greenhouse is awaiting further action by their committee. Several CCMGs live in this community and participated in this project.

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Online Discussion Forums

Using the technology of online discussion forums, Alan Baker started the "Ask a Master Gardener" forum on  Questions were posted by the general community, and are answered by a CCMGA Master Gardener.  Alan has posted most of the answers, but refers to others for expertise as needed.  By 2007, the local discussion forums had been closed down.  Today, questions and answers are handled using Facebook.  Check us out at

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Humane Society Landscape Renovation

Alan Baker proposed this project as part of the Humane Society's effort to upgrade the appearance of the Shelter.  Alan submitted plans for improvement and in November 2003, pruned the Bradford Pears and several other plants in the area.  Their beautification committee did not go further with the effort and no more work was done by the CCMGA members.

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2003 Crossville Christmas Parade

Lead by Wynell Busch, more than 20 CCMGA members participated in the design, construction and riding the float for the 2003 night time Christmas Parade sponsored the the Crossville Street Scapes organization.  Over 70 entries participated and we won first place in our division for our float. Click here for pictures.  We chose not to participate in the 2004 and 2005 parades.

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Historical Society Landscape Renovation

After the addition of a much needed handicap ramp  - the Master Gardeners were contacted to do a landscape design for the front area.  This building lies to the West of the Chamber of Commerce and there is a vacant lot between these two buildings.  Overgrown boxwood shrubs posed a real issue as to the design of the entrance.  These shrubs were pruned only slightly with the addition of plants and mulch at the base of the boxwoods.  Plans to scale back the size of these shrubs to allow sunlight for other nearby plants is being considered at a future date.  Carolyn Jozwiak, Linda Baker and Lynne Baker are the leaders on this project.
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Plateau Discovery Gardens

UT Gardens-Knoxville, Jackson, and Crossville makeup the state of Tennessee’s  botanical garden.  Each site is unique with its own climate, topography and soil qualities, yet the mission of all three remain the same ~ to foster gardening appreciation, share new research information, and promote hands-on learning to residents and visitors of Tennessee.  UT Gardens-Crossville, affectionately referred to as the Plateau Discovery Gardens, is a demonstration garden located within the UT Plateau Research and Education Center (320 Experiment Station Road, Crossville 38558) on highway 70N.  In addition to garden plots designed by master gardeners, visitors will also see several ornamental research trials.  Our garden is open daily during sunlight hours (no admission fee).   Walking tour brochures are available at the garden entrance.  (Click here for a copy.)  Guided tours of the facility and/or the demonstration garden can be arranged by calling 931-484-0034.   

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Brown Elementary School

In 2005, we were approached by some of the school staff to help them get some landscaping done at this new school.  Carol Burdett grabbed a hold of this project and designed a landscape plan and drafted a proposal for presentation to the County School Board., requesting $1,500, which was granted.  She then took school staff and volunteers to nurseries and coordinated the delivery and plantings.  The results were much appreciated and included creating 9 planting pockets in the austere parking lot.  No CCMGA funds were needed in this project.

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Community Vegetable Gardens

This project provides gardening plots for local citizens who do not otherwise have a place to grow vegetables.  The land has been provided by Roane State College and is currently divided in to 20  10' x 30' roto-tilled plots of which 12 are in use in the Summer of 2008.  Originated by MG Bob Giebitz and fully supported by Charlene Hall, Director of the College and Assistant Professor, Brad Fox.  A small fee is charged for providing tilling service and water to the site.  Vegetables from this plot can be marketed in the Crossville Farmer's Market with the cooperation of MG Bob Giebitz.  Click here for a picture of the groundbreaking ceremony.

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Crossville Housing Authority "523" Project:

This is a single family home project of 26 houses for low-income families, similar to the Habitat for Humanity project. We agreed to a trial program of the first 5 homes, where we would consult with the home owner to design and implement a basic foundation landscape. We are providing $300 per home and volunteer members to plan, select and implement the plantings and to educate the homeowner in the care and maintenance of that installation. Carol Burdett is the project leader and the first home was completed in the Fall of 2006.  Three homes have been completed and this is the end of this project.

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Sustainability Fair 

We will have a booth at this May 8th educational event which is for the 5th graders in Cumberland County as well as being open to the public.  We will feature the methods and benefits of composting.  This will be accomplished by the use of scale models of composting bins, a flyer and hopefully a worm composting demonstration.  This project is being lead by Patrick Nash.

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Fall Gardeners' Festival

The annual Fall Gardeners' Festival is an outdoor opportunity for gardeners of all levels to enjoy gardening topics throughout the Plateau Discovery Gardens.  Started in 2009, it is held on a week day in August each year, this event typically begins at 9:00 am and concludes at  4 pm.  A variety of gardening topics are offered, experts from the UT Institute of Agriculture can be consulted one-on-one, and there are walking tours of the Plateau Discovery Gardens and guided wagon tours of the UT Plateau Research and Education Center.  Registration is free.  The next Festival is listed in our online calendar and information on the last one is available here.  

Fairpark Senior Center

Is being lead by Debbie Ward. This project will not start until March 3, 2014. Debbie advised she already has MG's set to do this project.  This project will consist of four classes (one per week), on a Tuesday afternoon. The classes will be container gardening, vegetable gardening, raised beds, weed control in lawns and one class not determined yet.

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Lead by Fred Mullen, this project will be to build a raised bed to enable and encourage their wheelchair clients to garden. Fred has met with the people at Hilltoppers, the project is in progress.

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Habitat for Humanity Education

Alan Baker is providing education on landscaping and plant care to new homeowners, using a UT publication and our Favorite Plants CD.  These are classroom sessions using a combination of a Power Point presentation and "show and tell" items.  Homeowners who wish to actually do some landscaping can receive one-on-one coaching and further education at their own homesite, if desired.

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Bread of Life

Lead by Sara Senft, we will advise them on design and planting for their new facility.  Scheduled for the Fall of 2013.

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Health Department

This project was brought to the MG's by Sara Senft. The Health Department wanted the area underneath their new sign landscaped. Carol Burdett was to do the design. Sara had been told there was a couple of hundred dollars for landscape. In the beginning Sara noticed that there was no close access to water, to water the plantings. Since the initial excitement on the Health Department's part has waned.  Sara has since found out there is no money allocated for plants. This project is on hold awaiting new interest on the part of the client.

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Military Museum

This project was handled by Erin Fletcher. Master Gardeners had done the landscaping several years ago. Nita Boring requested that the front two areas be weeded and removal of a vine that was growing into the trees. This project was completed by Erin on August 5, 2013.

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Save the Hemlocks in Creek Vale subdivision

Alan Baker is training his neighbors on the use of imidicloprid (ie, Merit 75 WP) pesticide to combat the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid.  The project includes research, publication of a fact sheet for the neighborhood, demonstration of safe use and storage of the pesticide, demonstration of the drench method of application and follow up with neighbors who participated.

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Butterfly Garden at Gateway Education Center

Headed by Ann Ebert, the project involves working with the at-risk children who live at Crossville Housing and attend day care at the Gateway Center on Goodwin circle in planting and maintaining their own Butterfly Garden at the center. 

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CCMGA on Facebook

Erin Fletcher has started an informative Facebook page for the Cumberland County Master Gardeners.  Updating the posting, events and pictures is helping our members and the community keep current on gardening and the CCMGA activities. Click to check it out.

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Favorite Plants for the Plateau CD

This year-long project involved Carol Burdett, Alan Baker, Dick Malzack, Wynell Busch and Wanda Beattie in 2007 with an update in 2012.  It started with the plan to publish a book, but became a "website on a CD" to make it affordable to users. Each member nominated many plants for consideration, and the total was reduced to about 200 by the end.  A key criteria for nomination of a plant was that the member had to have successfully grown that plant here in Cumberland county for at least 3 years.  It also needed to be available for purchase locally.  See a demonstration of this CD here.

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