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A.A.S. Encyclopedia of Garden Plants - Brickel

American Agricultural Society

All about Ferlizers, Souls and Water

Sinnes, A. Cort, Manning

All About Pruning


All About Landscaping


All About Weeds

Edwin Spencer

American Swamps and Wetlands


America's Wild Woodlands

National Geographic


Ann Reilly


Better Home and Gardens

Appreciation of Birds

L. Halle

Armitage Garden Perennials


A-Z Encyclopedia

American Horticulture Society

Bermuda Turf Grass Management

Better Homes and Garden Garden Book

Better Homes and Garden

Bird Gardening Book - Complete Guide - Habitat

Don and Lillian Stokes


Paul Lesniewicz

Book of Soils for the Home Gardener

Orloff Stuart

Botanicus annuals and Perennials over 100 pages


Broadleaf Weeds in Turf


Bulbs fro the Home Gardener

Grossett and Dunlap

Clues to American Garden Style

D. Folgle

Color Dictionary of Flowers and Plants for the home garden

Hay, Roy and Synge, Patrick M.

Color Encyclopedia of Ornamental grasses

Timber Press

Common Sense Vegatarian


Common Tree Fruit Pests

Angus Howett

Common weeds of the US

Dept of Agriculture

Complete Book of Herbs

Lesley Bremmess

Darwin on Earthworms

J Martin


Thunder Bay

Dictionary of Gardening

National Gardening Association

Designing your outdoor home: Landscape Planning made Easy

Black and Decker

Disease of Trees and Shrubs

W. Sinclair

Earthworms, Economical and Professional

R. Gaddie

Earthworms for Ecology and Profit

Gaddie and Douglas

Easy Water Gardens

A. Francis

Encyclopedia of Gardening and houseplants

Modern Promotions

Elements of the Nature and Property of Souls

Brady Nyle

Encyclopedia of Natural Insect and Disease Control

R. Yepson


Time Life

Fern Growers Manual

Barbara Joe Hoshizaki

Fertlizers, Soul and Water


Fireants (Inside the door)

Flower Arranging

RD Homes Handbook

Flower Garden Problem Solver

Ball and Ball

Flowering and Foliage House Plants

D. Brown/Dian Press

Flowering House Plants

123 Home Guides

Foliage Plants fro Modern Living

Merchant Publishing

Four Season Harvest

E. Coleman

From Vine to Wine

J. Cox

Fruit Key and Twig Key to trees and Shrubs


Fruits and Berries

Taylor Guide

Garden Book - Steve Bender

Southern Living

Gardening by Mail


Garden Construction


Garden Decoration

P. Coats

Garden Design

Taylor Guide

Garden Pools, Fountains and Waterfalls


Garden Problem Solver

Southern Living

Garden Techniques

Taylor Guide

Gardeners Bug Book


Gardeners Companion

Farmers Almanac

Gardeners Guide to Common Insects Pests

A. Carr

Gardening Essentials


Gardening for Everyone

Ottenheimer Publications

Gardening Made Easy

6 book series

Gardening with House Plants

Potpourri Press

Gardening with Native Wildflowers

Samual Jones; L. Foote

Growing and Using Healing Herbs

Lesley Bremmes

Growing Lawns and Groundcover

Southern Living

Growing Plants in Containers - Fred Bonnie

Southern Living

Guide to Plant Disease for Master gardeners


Harnesssing the Earthworm

T. Barnett

Herbs, Cultivation and Usage


Hjillier Garden Guide to Trees and Shrubs

Readers Digest

Home Garden Problem Solver


Hosting the Birds

J. Mahnken and Garden Way Publications

Houseplants and indoor gardning


How to build and use greenhouses

Ortho Books

How to know the Wildflowers


Illustrated guide to Gardening

Readers Digest

Important Forest Trees of Eastern U.S.

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture


Golden Guide

Insects and Spider

Insects that Feed on Trees and Shrubs

Johnson and Lyons

Japanese Flower Arranging - Ikebana


Just Weeds

Craft and Robbins

Landscape - Steve Bender

Southern Living

Landscape Problem Solver


Landscaping with Wildflowers and Native plants


Lawn Care


Let it Rot

Stu Campbell

Love of Indoor Plants

L. Benjamin

Magic and Medicine of Plants

Readers Digest

Making more plants, The Science, Art and Joy of Propogation

K. Druse

Making Your Garden Grow

Elvin Mc Donald

Making your Lawn and Garden Grow

Elvin McDonald

Manual of Annuals, Biennials and half hardy Perennials


Manual of Bulbs

J. Bryant

Manual of Herbaceous Ornamental Plants

Steven Still and Stiles

Manuals of Woody Lanscape, Plants, trees and Shrubs


Master Guide to Landscape

Taylor Guide/ Rita Buchanan

Mushrooms; A separate kingdon

Loni Parker


Southern Living

Native Shrubs and Woody Vones of the Southeast

Foote and Jones

New Illustraded Encyclopedia of Gardening


Outwitting Squirrels

P. Adler

Patio Book


Plant Growth Planner



Better Homes and Gardens

Perennials - 50 best plants for shade

Taylor Guide

Perennials - Rodales Encycolpeida

A. Phillips

Perennials All-Stars; Best 150


Perennials for Dummies

Marcia Tatroe

Perennials for Every Purpose

L. Hodson

Perennials for Shade

Hought and Mifflin

Perennials Vol 2 Late Perennials -- Random House

Phillips, Rogers and Rix

Pleasure of the Garden


Pruning and Training

American Horticulture Society

RHS Encyclopedia of House Plants

Kenneth Beckett

Rodale's Weekend Gardener - Creative and low maintenance Landscapes

Erin Hynes

Secret Life of Compost

M. Beck

Shrub I. D. Book

George W.

Simplifies Flower Arranging


Small Garden Design Handbook

Roy Strong

Solving Weed Problems: How to I.D. and Irradicate Weeds

Peter Loewar

Southern Living Garden Book

Southern Living

Souther Living Landscape Book

Southern Living

Step by Step Gardening

Better Homes and Gardens

Square Foot Gardening

Street Tree Back Sheets - Extension

Spiral Notebook

Suburban Woodland

R. Clement

Success with Herbs

George W. Parks

Taylors Guide to Shrubs

Hought and Mifflin

Tenneessee Gardeners Guide

Lark Foster

Tennessee Weeds

Dept of Agriculture

The Art of Arranging Flowers


The art of Flower Arranging

Z. Tozer

The Farmers Almanac. 1989 Gardeners Companion

Farmers Almanac

The Handy Bug Answer book

Dr. Gilber Walbauer

The National Gardening Assoc. Dictionary of Horticulture

National Gardening Association

The Love of Indoor Plants

Lovell Benjamin

The Natural Shade Garden

K. Druse

The New Organic Grower


The New Seeds Starter handbook


The Ortho Problem Solver

Ortho 6th Edition

The Soul of Soils

Smillie, Joe and Gershuny, Grace

The Succulent Garden

Y. Cave

Time Life Encyclopedia of Gardening

Time Life

*  Perennials

*  Foliage houseplants

*  Flowering houseplants

*  Pruning and Grafting

*  Miniatures and Bonsai

Treasury of Gardening

Wayne Ambler

Trees, Shrubs, Hedges for Home Landscaping

Jacqueline Heriteau

U.T. Guide line for Master Gardener Volunteers

Vegetable Gardening

Southern Living

Water Gardening in Containers

Story Publications

Water gardens

Master Gardeners

Water Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens

Water Saving Gardening

Taylor Guide

Weed Control

Craft and Robbins

Weeds of the South

Bryson and Defelice

Weekend Gardener - Rodales

Erin Hynes

What's wrong with my plant (and how do I fix it.  A visual guide to easy diagnosis and organic remedies

David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth

Wildflower Album

Hand Made


Perterson Guilde

Wildflowers of American -  H.W. Rickett

Rickett, H. W.; Paintings by Mary Vaux Walcott and Dorothy Falcons Platt

World of Cactus and Succulents


Your backyard Wildlife Garden