A Gardening Almanac for the Plateau

The Gardening Almanac for the Plateau is the brainchild of Cumberland County Master Gardener, Betty Bush.  She started recording her plant and wildlife observations in 2000 and committed them to paper in 2001 and 2002.  Many, many hours obviously went in to the research and the writing of this unique work.  Her time, effort and continued interest in this project are applauded by the Cumberland County Master Gardeners Association and we are proud to release this issue to our friends.

 This document has also benefited from the detailed review by the following Cumberland County Master Gardeners: Alan Baker, Dick Weidener, Jim Sykes, Sally Sykes, Carol Burdett and W. Gregg Upchurch (County Extension Director)  

You may print any of these pages, but you must retain the source / credit information that is on each page.

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