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Plateau Discovery Gardens

Crossville, Tennessee

 The Plateau Discovery Gardens has been selected to be the third of the UT Gardens and part of the official TN State Botanical Gardens  

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The Gardens are now recognized as a Certified Nature Explore Classroom.  Click here to learn more about this national Nature Explore program

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Overseen by the Cumberland County Master Gardeners Association (CCMGA) , this beautiful demonstration garden area has been designed to educate community members of the unique gardening conditions and opportunities of the Cumberland Plateau.

It features several garden areas, each with a specific focus for the plants that they contain.   The gardens were designed and built by the Master Gardener Trainees as part of their training assignments, and were funded by the CCMGA.   After several years of development, this demonstration garden area is now open to the public for their enjoyment and learning.  This is a self-guided experience --- feel free to wander the paths, read the explanations and plant tags or just sit on a bench and enjoy the surroundings.

The current gardens are:

  • Tree and Shrub Garden ~ Class of 2005

  • Sun Perennial Garden ~ Class of 2006

  • Celebration of Life Memorial Conifer Garden ~ Planted 2008

  • Three-Season Bulb Garden ~ Class of 2008

  • Redbud Trials ~ Planted Spring 2009

  • Hydrangea Trials ~ Planted Spring 2009

  • Ornamental Grass ~ Planted Spring 2009

  • Rose Gardens ~ Planted Spring 2009

  • Turf Garden ~ Class of 2009

  • Raised Bed Garden ~ Class of 2010

  • Home on the Plateau Garden ~ Class of 2011

  • Native Plants of Tennessee ~ Class of 2012

  • Composting Demonstration Area ~ Introduced 2012

  • Butterfly Garden ~ Planted 2012

  • Water Feature/Groundcovers ~ Established 2012

  • Rain Garden ~ Established 2013

  • Herb Bed ~ Class of 2014

  • Daylily Bed ~ Initiated 2014

  • Tiered Display ~ Established 2014

  • Kinder Garden ~ Grand Opening, June 2015

  • Home Greenhouse ~ Erected Spring 2015

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The Plateau Discovery Gardens are open during daylight hours, seven days a week and are located within the University of Tennessee Research and Education Center at 320 Experiment Station Road, Crossville, TN.  The Gardens are located to the right of the main building.  Please park behind the main building and sign in at the reception area if visiting between 6:30 am and 3:30 pm.

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 ( Click here for information about the opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation in support of this project)

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